Ferro Bulloni carries out hot-dip galvanising by immersing posts using its own plant. In fact, we are the only ones to conduct the galvanising process of fence posts with a dedicated plant in our factories.

The first step consists of sandblasting which cleans mill scale from the product and guarantees optimal cleaning which is vital for proper galvanising. Subsequently, through pickling, the residual surface impurities are removed using hydrochloric acid. Before being immersed in a zinc bath, the product surface is pre-treated through flushing. This protects the substrate surface from oxidation by means of a protective film, by depositing a solution of zinc and ammonium chlorides. The film is bound to the substrate by preheating and drying. Finally, the posts are immersed in a tank containing pure melted zinc (SHG 99.995%) at 450 ° C.

This treatment guarantees zinc coverage of over 450 gm/m².