The new and innovative Ferro Bulloni Plast² treatment consists of multiple treatments that ensure maximum product resistance and durability.

The first phase involves degreasing to remove any surface residue of oil, grease and dust. Afterwards, washing eliminates any impurities. After rinsing with demineralised water, a protective film is applied to the substrate using nanotechnology, which creates the necessary conditions for perfect binding of the thermosetting resins.

If Plast² treatment is to be applied to products that have not been pre-galvanised, such as "T" posts, a vigorous sandblasting must also be carried out as the first phase of the process.

The product is then dried in the furnace in preparation for the subsequent step of applying a first layer of epoxy primer followed by a second coating with electrostatic polyester powder. This double layer of plasticising is then bound to the substrate through polymerisation.

This innovative process allows high levels of resistance to corrosion to be obtained guaranteeing exceptional durability. One need only think that a product with Plast² treatment can withstand more than 1000 hours in a salt fog spray test; with a galvanised substrate, over 1500 hours.

Products with this treatment