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Da sempre persegue come obiettivi principali la qualità sia dei prodotti che dei servizi, la salvaguardia dell''ambiente, e la riduzione del rischio per garantire la sicurezza dei propri dipendenti nel sito produttivo

The company policy has always been to invest in the professional expertise of its human resources, in continuous technological improvement, in reducing environmental impact and in the safety and health of its workers. The quality of products as well as services, safeguarding the environment and risk reduction to ensure employee safety in manufacturing sites have always been pursued by the management as top priority objectives.

As proof of its commitment, Ferro Bulloni obtained ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Certification several years ago, undoubtedly the most internationally recognised standard. Ferro Bulloni's quality policy is based primarily on customer satisfaction and we have always focused on "Made in Italy" products. Still today, in contrast with the market, we only maintain manufacturing units here in Europe.

Ferro Bulloni products distinguish themselves on the market for their quality and for the specific features that guarantee their added value:

  • guaranteed dimensions, thicknesses and weights
  • impeccable aestheticresistant and safe packaging
  • compliance with UNI European Regulations
  • perfectly even and compact galvanising
  • plasticising in compliance with the REACH Standard with perfect polyester and PVC adherence.

The “Made in Italy” quality is clearly indicated on the labels that Ferro Bulloni places on all its products. This is very important for final consumers, who are able to compare and better evaluate the products on the market.

Ferro Bulloni gives the utmost consideration to caring for the environment by investing in all its company processes and using solely non-toxic and harmless materials. For this reason, we received UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Certification which imposes very strict environmental standards. All activities are monitored to achieve full compliance with legal requirements, maximum reduction of the environmental impact and constant improvement of working conditions. The staff is properly trained and accountable for the reduction of waste as much as possible and for using recyclable material.

Another mainstay in Ferro Bulloni's company policy is the safety and health of its employees. For this reason, years ago we decided to obtain OHSAS 18001: 2007 Safety Certification. All employees are required to comply with the prevention and safety measures in accordance with current legislation.

The Ferro Bulloni Code of Ethics defines the obligations and responsibilities of its employees in carrying out company activities.

Ferro Bulloni has adopted an internal policy to ensure the necessary fairness and transparency in how business is conducted. In this manner, the management, employees and collaborators are accountable for complying with the relevant regulations according to the values of fairness, both for internal relations and for relations outside of the Company. Compliance with the Code of Ethics is a determining factor in increasing the credibility of Ferro Bulloni in relation to its interlocutors.

Ferro Bulloni also invests significantly in Research & Development to improve its products and constantly introduce new products on the market, in order to better meet its needs.

The Ferro Bulloni slogan has always been: "Quality is our duty towards the customer, safeguarding the environment a duty towards ourselves, and safety an obligation for everyone".

ISO 9001:2008
UNI EN ISO 14001:2004
OHSAS 18001:2007